Why Choose FPO Hosting?

Fully-Managed Service for the rest of us


FPO Hosting exists solely for the purpose of affordable cost-sharing of hosting services for non-profits, small businesses, individuals and families.

Many web hosting and e-business solution providers address only large businesses and fail to realize the needs of smaller customers. Our solutions are simple but can be customized for each customer – and since we use a cost-sharing philosophy, you will never pay high fees for our services. Just because we share costs doesn’t mean we have unreliable services. Our technology partners provide highest-quality and redundancy in the infrastructure that services your website, with the right people and technology to back it.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

What is your provider promising you?  FPO Hosting guarantees total Network uptime (certified to “four nines”, 99.99%), professional service level agreements, a performance-enhanced network, up-to-date infrastructure, advanced access control and surveillance capabilities to protect and secure your investments. Visit our Infrastructure page for complete information.

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