Email Server Settings

Email settings for any Email Client except Mac Mail (Outlook, Thunderbird, Tablet, iPad, etc.):

Be sure to replace with your actual domain name.


Settings for your Email Account:

Your Name/Display Name: Your Name
Email Address: Your email address (
User Name: Your email address (
Password: Your email account password (contact support if you don't know it)
Type of connection: POP3 or IMAP (what is the difference?)
Incoming mail server: (or
Outgoing mail server: See SMTP (Outgoing Mail) Server Settings
Outgoing Authentication: See SMTP (Outgoing Mail) Server Settings
Incoming mail port: Port 110 for POP3, Port 143 for IMAP
Outgoing mail port: See SMTP (Outgoing Mail) Server Settings
Require Secure Password Authentication/SSL? ** No SPA or SSL boxes should be checked **

If you are receiving Server Name mismatch errors in your mail client when sending/receiving mail, use the following server name instead of your domain name:

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

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