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Problems Forwarding Email:

Forwarding to External email addresses doesn't reach the destination account consistently or at all.

When mail is forwarded to external providers like Yahoo, MSN / Hotmail / Live, and others, all your mail - including the spam - is forwarded. Even though the spam originated elsewhere, sent from a different source, it looks to the major mail provider like it was sent from your mail account. Eventually our servers are blocked due to "sending spam" and are put on a blacklist where the major mail provider no longer accepts incoming mail from your domain and our servers. In reality, although we're not spamming, we are blocked for no reason except for the fact that the forwarder is causing the issue by sending lots of spam along. Like you, we never send spam, but due to the spam being forwarded, anything forwarded to a Gmail, Yahoo, Rogers, MSN, Hotmail or any other major mail provider address can be blocked.

Forwarding Policy: 

Mail forwards are only to be used when forwarding mail from one address to another on your own domains, hosted at FPOHosting. 
Any forwards found directing mail to domains not hosted by will be deleted without notice.  This is to protect our spam reputation and help avoid blacklisting of all our domains.



Do not forward to an external email address. Instead, set up your email address as a real mailbox on your account and turn the forward OFF (to have us do this for you for free, contact support). Then, go to your external email provider and have them check and import mail from your email account. These options are often called things like: "Check mail from other accounts using POP3" (Gmail), "Add a send and receive email account" (MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Live Mail) or "Add Account" (Yahoo). Links for how to do this are below: 

Instructions for "Pulling" Email into Gmail

Instructions for "Pulling" Email into MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Live Mail

Instructions for "Pulling" Email into Yahoo

Instructions for "Pulling" Email into Comcast or Xfinity Connect Mail

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